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Research Providers

  • Position your research in front of institutional clients
  • Protect your IP and control access to your research
  • Manage entitlements down to individual users and content
  • Access rich, verified readership data
  • Deliver research to clients with no fixed costs
  • Generate new business via our marketplace
  • Monetise the value of your research
  • Create customised subscription packages and control pricing
  • Simplify with one counterparty to collect payments
  • Expand your reach to a wide range of clients
Distribution Control

Whether it's driven by MiFID II or business factors, only your customers should have access to your research.

  • Prevent download leaks with reports remaining within the platform
  • Easily control who is entitled to research and avoid inducement risk
  • Segment access for different groups of clients and content
Research Monetised

Reach professional clients around the world by opting into our purpose-built marketplace and maximise the revenue opportunity for your research.

  • Sell subscriptions and even individual reports to new customers in real time
  • Remain in full control while generating new business from a broad range of clients
  • Let RSRCHX handle invoicing and payment collection while you focus on what you do best - writing research

Find out more about our Partner Providers selling on RSRCHX.

Improved Visibility

Having your research read has never been more important since the introduction of MiFID II research unbundling. Ensure your reports are front and centre, accessible to clients on their desktop and on the go.

  • Deliver research to clients on a platform centred on personalisation and machine learning
  • Ensure your reports are easy to find with our proprietary search
  • Maximise your presence with your own provider page
Report Aggregation

Purpose built with MiFID II and you in mind, RSRCHX offers research aggregation which is secure, compliant, and helps you to maximise traction.

  • Be easily discoverable alongside other leading banks and research providers
  • Maintain a valued position in your clients' workflows
  • Help clients meet their obligations while gaining valuable insights