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We strongly believe a collaborative approach is the most comprehensive and efficient way to operate a research-led investment process, and comply with global best practice. Partnerships ensure we remain at the forefront of financial technology innovation and provide the best possible service by offering connections to other best-in-breed solution providers.

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Connecting with CorpAxe, a market-leading solution for corporate access management (inclusive of commission management, broker vote and regulatory compliance), gives mutual buy-side clients a complete research consumption picture. Our collaboration allows research consumption and assessment data to be pushed from RSRCHX to CorpAxe via the RSRCHX Consumption Data API. Making consumption and assessment data available alongside other sell-side interaction data provides users with a complete, unbundled overview and MiFID II compliant audit trail. Live consumption tracking and assessment of research available on the RSRCHX platform is integrated with the CorpAxe research valuation and research counterparty evaluation tools, giving users real time, per-piece research assessment.

Ed Byon, CEO and Co-Founder, CorpAxe said: "This is a great opportunity for CorpAxe customers. Linking to RSRCHX means they can quickly reconcile their data, assess research consumption in real time, and value research more easily. Partnering with RSRCHXchange complements our offering and is part of our mission to create scalable and innovative solutions for our buy-side clients."

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Linking to RSRCHX, FlexTrade Systems, a global leader in high performance execution management and order management systems for equities, foreign exchange, options, futures and fixed income, delivers buy- and sell-side traders with immediate alerts to the availability of relevant research via the FlexTRADER EMS. Within FlexTRADER's blotter, the publication of new research on an instrument can be used as an indicator in FlexTrade's low-touch order automation. A new piece of research might mean an order which was previously categorised as "low touch", with no human interaction, might now require manual intervention. FlexTRADER's open architecture and recent integration with Symphony's secure communications service enables traders to flag research to portfolio managers via Symphony with a single click. The portfolio manager can then decide whether they want to purchase the research and potentially adjust their investment decision.

Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade UK in London commented:"FlexTRADER's integration with RSRCHX allows traders to actively monitor research from a variety of providers directly from their trading blotter. This integration adds an integral piece of FlexTrade's strategic direction around regulation, in particular providing compliance with the unbundling of research costs required by MiFID II. We have integrated with bank research portals in the past, but RSRCHXchange provides the perfect platform to access research from many different providers, in an unbundled, MiFID II compliant manner."

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Global Prime Partners

Through our partnership with GPP, the award-winning boutique prime broker, GPP's clients – including hedge funds, family offices and asset managers – can have a unique, streamlined onboarding process and then direct access to the RSRCHX platform integrated directly into their platform.

Clients are able to access the global financial markets via GPP's multi-asset class trading platform (GBO), which provides trade execution, margin financing, securities lending, clearing and custody services.

Sean Capstick, Head of Prime Brokerage at GPP, commented: "As our business has grown, we find ourselves increasingly working with larger and more complex clients. They are looking to us not just for their financing needs, but also for support in their core business of providing alpha to their end clients. We are very excited about our partnership with RSRCHXchange as our clients can now obtain cutting-edge research from some of the top research providers. For the first time, this quality of research is available in one place, with payments made simple, unbundled and MIFID II compliant. This partnership enhances our offering to the hedge fund manager and allows them to focus on the core role they perform – generating returns for their investors."

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Our partnership with Infront, an advanced market information and trading platform for professional investors, empowers Infront clients with a seamless integration between global real-time market information and research published on RSRCHX. Available within the Infront terminal, RSRCHX provides research across all asset classes and geographies. With this one-stop-shop collaboration, Infront users stay connected to the world of research and are able to buy research from a variety of providers while also reading reports from their existing providers in compliance with MiFID II.

Morten A. Lindeman, CTO and Co-Founder of Infront, said: "We are pleased to offer our clients a state of the art solution for accessing a marketplace of MiFID II compliant online research. This enables our Infront users to buy research in a more efficient, transparent and auditable way. We see this as an important step in following the future demands on how financial research will be consumed in a post-MiFID II world. Having this great research platform available in the Infront terminal makes it easier for asset managers to access, procure and pay for institutional research and by that potentially adjust investment decisions."

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Working with Instinet enables asset managers to purchase research subscriptions or buy individual reports from hundreds of providers, seamlessly. By connecting our RSRCHX Payment API to "RQ Connect", a provider-neutral application within Instinet's Plazma, its top-ranked research payment and commission management platform, the process of research procurement is simpler and less resource intensive. Payments for subscriptions or individual reports or interactions purchased on RSRCHX are processed in real time via our API. Asset managers can plan and oversee budgets, track interactions and make payments directly through Instinet's RPA capabilities, all in one place and without having to manage the cumbersome manual transfer of details from one system to the other.

"We are committed to innovating and adding value for clients, which means giving them choices. RQ Connect offers clients the flexibility to choose the research management tools that best suit their needs, and have a seamless front-to-back experience" said Patrick Gill, Head of Commission Management for Instinet Europe Limited.

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NEX Enso

Powered up by RSRCHX, ENSO, a NEX Group business and leading portfolio finance and centralized treasury management solution for the buy-side, expanded their ENSO Broker Vote tool ("Broker Vote") to include MiFID II research consumption. The expanded tool provides buy-side institutions with evidence-based evaluation of research providers and budget setting to comply with MiFID II research requirements. The Broker Vote tool provides clients with a clear methodology for research payments, fully validating how payments for research were reached based on the quantity and quality of services provided. ENSO clients can value each research provider based on their total consumption, wallet commissions and overall quality ratings. Broker Vote maintains its industry-wide known broker vote functionality while clearly linking services to payments for research and avoiding any conflicts of interest with execution under MiFID II.

Matthew Bernard, Chief Executive Officer of ENSO, said: "MiFID II is a key focus, not only for our clients but for the broader marketplace in 2017. By expanding our Broker Vote tool we are able to deliver an enhanced solution to address the pivotal research requirements for both our sell-side and buy-side clients alike. At NEX, we have a strong history of partnering with businesses that are addressing tomorrow's issues. We are excited to collaborate with RSRCHXchange to solve this problem for our clients and the market."

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Developed on OpenFin, RSRCHX:desktop helps buy and sell side users move away from web browsers to the desktop, allowing users to access the RSRCHX portal in a next generation segregated desktop application. By developing on OpenFin, we can offer the same leading functionality and benefits of the cloud available at but with connectivity and interoperability that will significantly enhance the user experience for RSRCHX clients.

As the first first partner to join the OpenFin Community, we were impressed by the vision at OpenFin, the world's first common operating layer for financial desktop applications, which is licensed on over 125,000 desktops by 35 of the world's largest banks and trading platforms.

Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, commented: "Building the RSRCHX desktop application on OpenFin goes beyond simply improving the user experience of our research platform; with the industry facing a sprint in order to be ready in time for MiFID II implementation in January next year, it's connectivity which will allow the industry to join the dots, linking together multiple MiFID II solutions."

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Together with Substantive Research, curator of macroeconomic investment research, we have built an interface for its Substantive ResearchMatch Curations to appear within the RSRCHX platform. Clients can quickly and easily purchase the research content best suited to them via one exclusive, single connection to RSRCHX. This enables clients seamlessly move from research curation to purchasing subscriptions and reports. The Substantive ResearchMatch Curation service highlights must-read publications by banks and independent providers on a given theme, and hunts for research outside a portfolio manager's core providers that matches their current needs and preferences. ResearchMatch Curation combines technology and human expertise to curate at an individual portfolio manager level, ensuring there is a match by style and process as well as relevance.

Mike Carrodus, Founder and CEO at Substantive Research said: "The research needs of each portfolio manager vary dramatically depending on their personal preferences and expertise. Our ResearchMatch Curation service takes them to relevant and high quality research whilst also matching by process and style. Working with RSRCHXchange is a great way to give them direct access to purchase that research."

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Working with ChartIQ, the leader in HTML5 for capital market, we are expanding the possibilities for our RSRCHX desktop app. Built using Finsemble, the modern UX framework that unifies the desktop, our RSRCHX desktop app interacts with other programmes seamlessly. Buy and sell side users have the freedom to personalise their workstation, deciding which programmes appear and how windows are arranged. Finsemble provides the tools for users from financial institutions to quickly assemble new and existing components into bespoke desktop applications. With core functionality like window & workspace management, snapping and docking, component linking, authentication and data feed management, users can maximise productivity on their desktop. For example, RSRCHX can be linked to chat, charts, market data or a CRM system, giving users greater flexibility and functionality and matching their specific needs.

Dan Schleifer, CEO of ChartIQ said, "Finsemble is a powerful new toolkit for building advanced HTML5 financial desktop applications, from trading platforms to wealth management workstations" said.

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The RSRCHX bot on Symphony allows users to easily access reports directly in their chat room. As part of the partnership programme with Symphony, the cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that securely connects markets, organisations and individuals, RSRCHXchange is working toward their combined goal of eliminating inefficient workflows. By chatting directly to the RSRCHX bot, users can more quickly find the most relevant research reports on the companies or topics they're interested in. The search results appear directly in their chat, while access to the reports is made easy via links to RSRCHX with all the controls and tracking for which the platform is known.

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Our partnership with Commcise, a buy-side focused commission management, research valuation and research accounting platform, delivers an integrated research solution to support the research consumption, valuation and accounting data requirements of buy-side and sell-side firms. The collaboration allows research consumption statistics to be passed from the RSRCHX platform to Commcise via our API. Commcise makes a client's readership and procurement data from RSRCHX available alongside all other sell-side and buy-side contributed data in a MiFID II transparent and audited manner. Commcise manages the allocation of all research costs to clients using a proprietary fair allocation algorithm to allow asset managers to evidence that investors are benefiting from the research that has been consumed.

Commcise Managing Director Amrish Ganatra commented: "We are delighted to partner with RSRCHXchange to provide our customers with access to high quality readership data from a broker-neutral, independent and un-conflicted research platform. The industry has long had a need for collaborations that bring together market leading providers in a way that is intuitive for the buy-side and sell-side"

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