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Professional Clients

  • Read, track and evaluate research from your providers in real time
  • Centrally manage permissions and avoid inducement risk
  • Use your virtual library to save, share and store research
  • Manage custom email alerts
  • Add on compliance oversight and management controls
  • Find and discover research faster
  • Access marketplace to purchase new subscriptions and individual notes
  • Track real-time research consumption and spend
  • Set budgets at firm and team level
  • Buy in real time with straight-through-processing
  • Hundreds of banks, brokers and boutique providers
  • Free to use for buy side firms
Personalised Experience

Cut out the noise by tailoring to your specific interests. With so much content, the first step in managing research is filtering down to the reports and providers most relevant to your specific role.

  • Personalise by asset class, sector and region and curate the content you see
  • Create Watchlists to easily find and be alerted to reports on your selected issuers
  • Follow your favourite providers and see more from them
Virtual Library

Accessible wherever you are, RSRCHX is your virtual research library. De-clutter your inbox, stay on top of latest reports and keep organised, all in compliance with MiFID II.

  • Read, save, share and search reports all in one place
  • Rate reports and store your favourites, accessible whenever you need them
  • Keep organised with folders, saved searches and custom alerts
Content Discovery

Make the most of the RSRCHX intelligent search. Our proprietary engine searches every word of reports to give you the most comprehensive, relevant and accurate results. Machine learning highlights reports and providers most relevant for you.

  • Search by phrase, ticker, or variety of other categories
  • Trending, popular and relevant research featured as you browse
  • Maximise usage of your existing providers and find new research
Maximised Budgets

Find new content and the best prices for research on the RSRCHX marketplace. Analyse your spend, both on-platform and off, with our Dashboard, which combines rich, real-time consumption and pricing data.

  • Discover and buy transparently priced subscriptions and individual reports
  • Build an evidence-based assessment of providers to inform future purchases
  • Improve procurement, optimise expenditure and save costs