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The research aggregator and marketplace

Through our award-winning suite of products, RSRCHXchange is helping more than 1,200 asset management firms and over 400 banks, brokers and independent research providers with a marketplace for buying and selling research, and an advanced platform for managing consumption. We are continuously improving the user experience around research consumption and distribution and remain a technology-led company, whilst also solving for complex regulatory issues like MiFID II research unbundling. We are committed to collaborating with other best-in-breed solutions to provide clients with the best combination of services available. Research, however, remains at our core and is our primary focus.

Buyside solutions
Professional Clients

One-stop-shop for reading, tracking and evaluating research from banks, brokers and independent providers and a store-front to purchase new research.

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Sellside solutions
Research Providers

Simple, cost-effective solution for delivering research to clients in compliance with MiFID II, taking back control of your distribution, and a marketplace to generate new business.

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