RSRCHXchange to offer research consumption data via CorpAxe platform for MiFID II compliance

rsrchxchange, May 23, 2017

London and New York, 23 May 2017: RSRCHXchange, the MiFID II research solution and marketplace for institutional research, today announces a partnership with CorpAxe, a market-leading solution for corporate access management (inclusive of commission management, broker vote and regulatory compliance), to make research consumption data available to mutual buy-side customers.


The collaboration allows research consumption and research assessment data to be pushed from the RSRCHX platform to CorpAxe via the RSRCHX data API. Making consumption and assessment data available alongside other sell-side interaction data provides users with a complete, unbundled overview and MiFID II compliant audit trail.


In addition, the partnership overcomes the significant data reconciliation challenges between buy-side and sell-side. Live consumption tracking and assessment of research available on the RSRCHX platform can now be used by the CorpAxe research valuation and research counterparty evaluation tools, giving users real time, per-piece research assessment.


Ed Byon, CEO and Co-Founder, CorpAxe said: “This is a great opportunity for CorpAxe customers. Linking to RSRCHX means they can quickly reconcile their data, assess research consumption in real time, and  value research more easily. Partnering with RSRCHXchange complements our offering and is part of our mission to create scalable and innovative solutions for our buy-side clients.”


Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, commented: “We are  excited to partner with CorpAxe to make research consumption and assessment data available to their buy-side clients. Working with CorpAxe will bring the benefit of our research consumption analytics to a much broader audience and furthers our commitment to interoperability which will help the industry to meet the looming MiFID II deadline.”


Jeremy Davies, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, added: “MiFID II compliance is on the minds of everyone at buy-side firms this year. This partnership with CorpAxe is a great example of how the asset management firms in our network can use our unique live consumption analytics, real-time research assessment tools and research marketplace in conjunction with another best-in-breed solution to meet their MiFID II requirements. We look forward to rolling out further innovations to improve the service we provide for our customers.”



Media contacts:

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RSRCHXchange is the MiFID II research solution and marketplace for institutional research, a purpose-built unbundling solution.  Designed in consultation with asset management institutions and research providers, the RSRCHX platform enables asset management firms to read, purchase and monitor research services from banks, brokers & boutique providers in a more efficient and transparent way. RSRCHXchange was launched in 2014 by an experienced industry team and has grown its user base to over 1,000 buyside firms and over 200 research providers. To find out more, please go to or follow us on Twitter @rsrchx


About CorpAxe

CorpAxe is the MiFID II compliant cloud-based market-leading corporate access events aggregator, resource management and broker vote platform. It allows clients to view aggregated sell-side marketing calendars (including management of conference registrations/deadlines, open requests for access and confirmation of meetings and attendees).

CorpAxe is flexible and highly customizable. It is the premier reporting analytics tools for CIOs, DORs and senior management teams. The platform allows for price discovery, accuracy of management in attendance for regulatory review and commission management. CorpAxe receives data via direct uploads from our broker partners and follows a strict proprietary validation process that minimizes errors and therefore inaccurate payments and votes.  For more information, visit or request a demo by contacting

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