RSRCHXchange joins with Instinet’s RQ Connect hub for MiFID II research distribution and payments

rsrchxchange, May 24, 2017

“Instinet is one of the RPA managers connected to our RSRCHX platform. The collaboration between RSRCHXchange and Instinet enables asset managers to purchase research subscriptions or buy individual reports from hundreds of providers.

The process of research procurement is now simpler and less intensive; asset managers can now manage budgets and make payments via Instinet while discovering, reading and purchasing research via RSRCHX in a MiFID II compliant way.”

Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange.



Instinet launches RQ Connect

Offers open connectivity to third party data for research distribution, monitoring and evaluations; creates a provider-neutral hub for MiFID II research payments

New York and London, May 23, 2017 – Instinet Incorporated (Instinet) today announced the launch of RQ Connect (Research Quality Connect), a provider-neutral application within its research payment and commission management platform, Plazma®. RQ Connect enables Research Procurement Management (RPM) systems to transfer research quality assessment data to Plazma. Investment managers can review, edit and confirm this information on their desktop, and seamlessly authorize payments, notably through Instinet Europe Limited’s (Instinet Europe) certified Payment Institution license in Europe. RQ Connect unifies outside evaluation and budgeting processes with the established payment processes of Plazma.

“Instinet is committed to innovating and adding value for clients, which means giving them options. RQ Connect offers clients the flexibility and optionality to choose which research management tools best suit their needs,” said Patrick Gill, Head of Commission Management for Instinet Europe.

Read the full press release here.

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