RSRCHXchange and Substantive Research partner to help asset managers access and procure macro investment research

rsrchxchange, July 12, 2016

London, 12 July, 2016: RSRCHXchange, the online marketplace for institutional research, has today announced a strategic partnership with Substantive Research, an independent curator of daily macroeconomic investment research for asset managers and asset owners. The partnership will close the gap between new research and point of sale. The daily Substantive Research Briefings highlight to portfolio managers the latest macro research and will now link to the RSRCHX platform, enabling them to procure the reports in real time.


Substantive Research (Substantive) helps investors find the best top-down research quickly by curating and distributing daily briefings that summarise five of the highest quality macroeconomic, allocation and strategy research publications by theme, driving traffic to research providers themselves. Substantive ensures that the daily briefings present a selection of high quality, independent articles and research notes, ranked by an internal methodology and tailored to portfolio managers’ priorities and preferences. Substantive’s provider base spans over 40 banks and 50 independent research providers.


The partnership between Substantive and RSRCHXchange bridges the gap between identifying the required research and purchasing it. Connecting Substantive’s briefings and the RSRCHXchange marketplace means the 1000 portfolio managers who read Substantive’s daily email can now seamlessly purchase new reports and subscriptions via the RSRCHX platform. Every research report from a RSRCHX provider that is featured in Substantive’s daily briefing will include a RSRCHX link, enabling portfolio managers to immediately preview and purchase the report or a subscription in a MiFID II compliant way.


RSRCHX is a research aggregation, procurement and management platform, built in consultation with asset managements and research providers, that enables institutional asset managers to read and buy research in a more efficient, transparent and auditable way. The RSRCHX dashboard offers an automated way for asset managers to track firm-wide research consumption, to rate and evaluate the content they receive, to improve the procurement process and to ensure MiFID II compliance.


Mike Carrodus, CEO and Founder at Substantive Research said: “Our focus has always been to drive our asset and portfolio manager community to the highest quality research available from banks and independent providers. Our partnership with RSRCHXchange will now ensure that Substantive’s clients can immediately access, procure and pay for that research in a MiFID II compliant and unbundled way. Connecting the Substantive briefing and the RSRCHXchange marketplaces creates an even more powerful lead conversion tool for research providers. Asset managers will be able to capitalise on the insight gained from our independently curated briefings and put that into action via the RSRCHX platform.”


Brian Emanuelson, Director Sales at J Capital Research, a Substantive and RSRCHXchange provider, expressed his support for the partnership: “J Capital Research believes that the collaboration between Substantive Research and RSRCHXchange is a great idea. This partnership will help close the gap between the introduction of a research provider’s service and the point of sale. It brings the consumer of research directly to a simple click-to-buy marketplace of high quality research sources.”


Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder of RSRCHXchange, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Substantive Research and jointly continue to expand the universe of buy-side firms that can access and procure research in a MiFID II compliant way. While Substantive directs investors to the best macroeconomic research, RSRCHX complements this offering by aggregating these reports on our platform, enabling fund managers to access their research in one place and seamlessly purchase new reports and subscriptions. This partnership further increases our reach and we look forward to working with Substantive and their expanding customer base in the future.”




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 About Substantive Research

Substantive Research was created to help investors find the best top-down research quickly. Our editorial focus is twofold. Firstly, we provide a 2-minute briefing each morning that summarises and drives the market to the highest quality macroeconomic, allocation and strategy research. We do this qualitatively by looking independently for pieces from banks and independent providers which are refreshing and rigorous. We also run the research reports through an internal ranking methodology which provides a daily shortlist, based on a proprietary quantitative screening process. This is based on a year of research, asking the buy side what qualities they like to see in the research that they receive.

We will be a publication of record during the greatest transformation the investment research market has seen. We publish in-depth analysis of the regulatory environment affecting the research business and have recently published best practice documentation responding to FCA and MiFID II research regulation. To find out more please go to or follow us on Twitter @substantiveSM


RSRCHXchange is THE online marketplace for institutional research. Built in consultation with asset management institutions and research providers, the RSRCHX platform is a research aggregation, procurement and management solution for institutional asset managers which radically modernises the way in which financial institutions buy and sell research.


Ahead of MiFID II unbundling changes coming into force in January 2018, the RSRCHX platform enables buy-side firms to access institutional research from over 140 providers in a more efficient, discerning and transparent way. The RSRCHX dashboard offers an automated way for asset managers to track firm-wide research consumption, to rate and evaluate the content they receive, to improve the procurement process and to ensure MiFID II compliance. At the same time, research providers benefit from access to a growing community of global buy-side firms and efficient payment, compliance and administration processes designed to help analysts focus on what they do best: producing insightful research.


Launched in September 2015 and headquartered in London, RSRCHXchange is the only research marketplace built to the specification of the international fund management industry, by experts with decades of fund management and research procurement experience. Our founders are committed to ongoing collaboration with both domestic and international asset management and research communities and continue to invest in additional functionality and platform enhancements. To find out more please go to  or follow us on twitter @rsrchx.

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