Research Providers

Helping you and your clients
master research unbundling

Giving you more control and transparency
to inform your research strategy


Improve traction with existing clients. Where traditional aggregators have fallen behind, RSRCHX introduces the latest cloud-based, digital technology, making it easier to control access and avoid inducement risk. Solve for the record keeping dilemma, protect your IP and improve your client stickiness all at no extra cost.


Reach institutional investors around the world by opting into our purpose-built marketplace. Ensure your research is easily discoverable alongside other leading banks and research providers. Control precisely who you sell to and the way your research services are sold.


Streamline with a single platform that acts as both an aggregator and a marketplace.  Entitle individual clients easily and receive verified consumption data. Straight through processing of sales and payments frees up more of your time to do what you do best – writing top quality research.

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